ISAG – European Business School is holding the first Workshop on Tourism and Hospitality Management, on June 23rd. This scientific meeting aims at being an incentive to the discussion of contemporary issues which are relevant to the tourism and hospitality management.

This sector has experienced a continuous growth since the end of World War II. In Portugal, and in the case of destination ‘Porto and North of Portugal’ was not an exception; in fact, the growth in the tourism activity has been higher in this area, comparing to the rest of the country. Last August, Porto and the Northern region of Portugal were the areas with the highest occupancy rate (64%) and room revenue (18,5%).

The quality of the ´Porto and North of Portugal´ destination and the excellence of its hotel facilities has been honoured by the specialized media, like the Condé Nast Awards for Excellence 2017 that awarded the Vintage House Hotel in Douro as the Best New Hotel in the guide. In the World Travel Awards, Douro Azul was considered the best river cruises´ companies in Europe. These awards team up with the designation of Porto as the Best European destination for the second time, in 2014. The city was also considered the Best City to Visit in 2013 by the Lonely Planet guide.

Considering the powerful performance of national and international tourism, NIDISAG (ISAG Research Centre) decided that this is the appropriate moment to hold the first Workshop on Tourism and Hospitality Management, in order to share knowledge in the scientific domains of tourism and hospitality among the several participants.

The main goal is to adopt a multitask approach to allow the contributions of the investigators belonging to the different scientific areas who dedicate their research projects to the study of tourism. In addition, several professionals who are currently working in the tourism system (lodging, events, attractions, transports and food & beverage) were invited to share their experiences and their vision of this area.

The participation in this workshop allows, one the one hand, the opportunity to publish in the European Journal of Applied Business and Management, in a special issue with the best selected articles, and on the other hand, the possibility of submission in Tourism Review, indexed to Scopus and Emerging Sources Citation Index. A book containing the abstracts of all the articles presented during the workshop is also going to be created.

Members of the Organizing Committee

          Elvira Vieira, PhD                                                  Ana Pinto Borges, PhD

NIDISAG’s Scientific Coordinator                               NIDISAG’s Executive Coordinator